Proflow's triple fuel pump surge tank prevents engine fuel starvation due to sloshing or inadequate tank baffling while the vehicle experiences high lateral inertial forces on the track or strip due to acceleration and cornering. This compact 3-piece billet surge tank system maintains a small amount of fuel to operate its own internal fuel pump(s) that can supply high fuel flow rates, while only needing a relatively low fuel flow rate from the main fuel pump.

Easy Upgrade

This surge tank provides a quick and easy way to upgrade any OEM fuel system without needing to heavily modify the stock fuel tank, and is a great solution for vehicles installing high powered upgrades such as forced induction. Its unique design combines all pumps into a single large -10AN ORB outlet for better pressure equilisation and simpler plumbing, requiring no external couplers. This is made possible as all compatible fuel pumps utilize built-in internal check valves. The base plate also incorporates 4 mounting points, allowing it to be easily mounted while not requiring much space (dimensions below).


Compatible fuel pumps include all 39/40mm diameter fuel pumps, such as popular Walbro (TI Automotive), AEM, Deatchwerks and Proflow fuel pumps. These all fit into the supplied NBR sleeves which dampen pump vibrations, allowing for a quiet operation. Two pairs of high-current stainless steel terminals with teflon insulators are included, enabling the ability to 'stage' the fuel pumps to activate at different times.

Multi-Pump + Wiring

This surge tank has the ability to run either one, two or three fuel pumps depending on your vehicles fuel system demand and is supplied with the appropriate port plugs if using less than 3 pumps. This kit also includes an in-tank wiring kit consisting of high-current 14 gauge fuel pump wiring, heatshrink and eyelet terminals.


The large central pump outlet port is tapped with a -10AN ORB thread while the supply, return and overflow ports are tapped with -08AN ORB ports (as shown below). All ports can be stepped down in size with the respective fitting to suit smaller fuel systems if necessary (fittings sold seperately).


Every Proflow surge tank kit features a high quality laser-etched billet aluminium construction and is black anodised to Australian Standard AS1231 (AA25) for a long-lasting finish. Compatible with all corrosive fuels such as E85 and methanol. 

Tank Capacity:

  1. No Pumps: 2.5L
  2. One Pump: 2.4L
  3. Two Pumps: 2.3L
  4. Three Pumps: 2.2L


  • Height: 200mm
  • Width: 170mm
Proflow Surge Tank Kit, Triple 39mm Fuel Pumps, EFI, 2.5L, Billet Aluminium, Black Anodised Diagram Image