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Power steering pumps and parts in Australia

The modern power steering pump (which is also known as a vane) is essential for the most responsive and effortless handling of any vehicle. Over time, however, these parts can begin to fail through natural attrition, wear and tear.

When they do begin to fail, it will be harder to control the wheel, and when you try to drive you are not going to get the same level of responsiveness, which is bad for your performance and your safety.

It doesn't matter if you are pushing for first place at your local track meet or simply want the assurance that you can drive your family home safely – having complete control over your vehicle is essential.

How do I know if my pump is failing?

There are several tell-tale signs that your pump is on the way out. When you are trying to drive, you may notice that the wheel has become stiff and unresponsive, possibly switching in and out of power steering mode. Before it reaches that point, you may notice a whining sound every time you try and move the wheel or when you turn the key in the ignition (although this could also be a slipping fan belt).

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, don’t try and continue to drive as it will put more pressure on the part, and it could fail completely. We have the best replacements available, and we can have them shipped directly to your mechanic.

Besides complete replacements, we also stock all the accessories required, including brackets and other hardware. All our parts and components come from leading suppliers and manufacturers, and have been designed to suit performance vehicles as well as the daily driver. When you want the best, we can have any of these parts shipped to you anywhere in the world.

Trust us with your handling needs

You would never compromise on the track, so don’t settle for second best when it comes to all of your handling components either.

We have the highest quality aftermarket options available at the best price, including:

Tie rod ends: These important components connect the steering and suspension with the wheels of your vehicle. Impact over time can cause them to wear out, and we have long-lasting, durable replacement options available.

Steering dampers: Eliminate speed wobbles with this stabilisation device that effectively acts as a shock absorber for your wheel.

Steering columns: When you want the most responsive handling in your vehicle, we have options that will ensure your connection between your wheel and your steering mechanism delivers the results you are after.

Suspension parts: Whether you want the smoothest ride around town or on the track, or you want heavy-duty options to handle heading off-road, we have you covered.

Are you looking for customised solutions? The team at VPW is always happy to work with you, helping you get the best possible results from your automobile or motorcycle project. Give us a call on 1300 879 879.

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