Wüsthof Performer

7" Hollow Edge Santoku

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The Japanese chef's knife is powerful and versatile: whether rhythmically chopping herbs, vegetables, and fruit or precisely slicing through meat and fish; the extremely sharp blade produces fine to wafer-thin cuts. As a chef's knife with a wide blade, it is a remarkably powerful tool which is inspiring and easy to use when preparing and plating fresh food. 

WÜSTHOF Performer combines centuries of great craftsmanship from Solingen, Germany, with cutting edge manufacturing technology. The DLC coating gives unique hardness combined with the water-repellent lotus effect – so your blade stays clean and glides precisely and effortlessly through food. Each knife is forged from a single piece of WÜSTHOF steel and is elevated to ultimate perfection by experienced knife grinders. An additional feature, the Hexagon Power Grip with its innovative anti-slip design, ensures safety and precision with every movement.



Combining centuries of expert craftsmanship with cutting-edge manufacturing technology, the Performer series is designed for ultimate control and exceptional performance.